You will receive updates from ModernThink and The Chronicle regarding the survey timeline via email. For additional support, please see the Contact Us page to reach out directly.

Recognized institutions can use the Great Colleges logo on their website, promotional materials, job ads, etc. Please visit the Logo Use page for more information.

Yes. Recognized institutions may not publicize their results until July 18, 2016.

No. In order to protect the confidentiality of all participants, you will not have access to your raw data.

Yes. Paper surveys are not available.

This is not an issue. We make no distinction between union and non-union employees. Union employees must be included in the random selection for the survey process.

The program results including recognized institutions will be published in The Chronicle’s Academic Workplace supplement on July 22, 2016. All institutions will be notified in advance of publication both as to whether they are recognized and if so, in which categories

In order to ensure a level playing field for all participants, incentives of any kind are strictly prohibited. The same is true for any penalties.

On the IQ, ModernThink reserves the right to eliminate a school where there is not substantive completion of the questionnaire.

There is not a specific response rate needed to be eligible for consideration, instead ModernThink reviews confidence levels and confidence intervals to ensure statistical significance. ModernThink reserves the right to eliminate a school where it believes there is not statistical validity.

Virtually all of the information required for the IQ is data that your school is already collecting for IPEDS.

Still, because there are over 150 questions, you should budget 10 to 20 hours to complete the IQ, if it’s your first year participating. In subsequent years, your previously submitted IQ data will automatically populate in the form; thus, the time commitment should be substantially reduced because you will simply need to update the pre-populated data and answer any new questions that are added.

It typically takes about 20-25 minutes to complete the survey.

Instructions for generating and submitting your email list are available on the Important Forms & Documents page. All emails will be uploaded by the Primary Contact through the Administrative Portal, which will be available after registration closes in early February.

You will receive periodic updates regarding the survey timeline via email, and our website is rich with resources and instructions.

No. Because the program is also designed to help colleges improve as workplaces through the individual reports they receive, The Chronicle names only those institutions that scored well enough to be recognized in any category.

The IT Contact is responsible for facilitating the technical aspects of the survey process. His or her role includes: white-listing the program domains, IP addresses and email addresses on your institution’s email server; participating in the Connectivity Test performed prior to the survey launch on March 6 to enable a smooth survey process; and being available during the survey administration period from March 13 to April 7 to troubleshoot any technical issues.

The Secondary Contact operates as a support role for the Primary Contact.

The Primary Contact is the main point of contact and is responsible for all survey coordination. The primary contact is also responsible for assuring the completion of the Institution Questionnaire© by the posted deadline.

Institutions that are eligible to participate must be located in the United States and non-profit, have a student enrollment exceeding 500, and host classes that are predominantly available on campus (as opposed to online). Community colleges are eligible to participate. Online and for-profit schools are not eligible to participate.

There is no fee to participate in The Chronicle’s Great Colleges to Work For program.