Participating institutions receive three free reports:

  • Overall Survey Results Report
  • Overall Survey Results by Job Category Report
  • Higher Education Workplace Trend Summary

We also include an overview of the program and guidelines for interpreting your results. These reports are described below.

Overall Survey Results Report

Is a one-page graphical summary shows your institution’s overall survey results within

15 different themes

Job Satisfaction/Support; Teaching Environment; Professional Development; Compensation, Benefits & Work/Life Balance; Facilities; Policies, Resources & Efficiency; Shared Governance; Pride; Supervisors/Department Chairs; Senior Leadership; Faculty, Administration & Staff Relations; Communication; Collaboration; Fairness; Respect & Appreciation

You will also receive benchmarking data to compare your institution’s results against the Honor Roll as well as Carnegie Classification.

Overall Survey Results by Job Category Report

Shows you both the overall positive responses (percent who “Strongly Agree” or “Agree”) broken out by your Administration, Faculty, Exempt Professional Staff, and Non-Exempt Professional Staff for each of the 15 themes.

The Higher Education Workplace Trend Summary*

A 20-25 page summary of aggregate data collected from the Institutional Questionnaire© (IQ). You will see aggregate statistics on topics such as turnover rates, applicants per hire, salary ranges, training hours, paid holidays, and much more. The report also includes an inventory of the most popular benefits, policies and communication tools.

* Please note this report is subject to change.